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Illy espresso

You will recognise it by its delicious taste and unique aroma.
A true gift of nature that takes you far away, to the tropical zones of Asia, Africa and America.
Illycaffé selects Coffea coffee trees that grow in those areas and, among others, produce the Arabica variety, which is the long-standing variety of choice for Illycaffé s.p.a.

This unique variety has all the attributes that guarantee coffee of prime quality. Given that it is particularly sensitive to heat and humidity, high altitude climate is the best for its cultivation .
After the coffee beans are roasted, the organoleptic qualities of coffee develop to give this variety its rich aroma, strongly resembling that of chocolate, fruit or blossoms and its full flavour, where the bitterness is barely discernable, together with low caffeine content.

Coffee trees can have both ripe and green berries which can be a problem at harvest. This is the reason why the best method for uniform harvesting is harvesting by hand. 
This method is performed by a number of illycaffé workers, which are people that the company fully trusts. These people collect by hand only the ripe coffee beans, one by one, namely coffee cherries of a bright red colour.

Coffee processing

From the coffee cherry to the green coffee

The three stages.

Following harvesting, next stage is coffee processing, which illycaffé s.p.a. follows closely and faithfully.
There are two methods for extracting seeds from the coffee cherry, still in use today:
Dry and wet process.
During the dry process the coffee beans are placed in open areas to dry in the sun for several days; then the beans are sorted out.
During the wet process the flesh of the coffee cherries is removed while the seeds with the parchment skin are placed in large water tanks for fermentation.
The washed seeds are dried in the sun and, free of their parchment skin (pergamino) are ready to be stored into bags.

From green to roasted coffee.

The four decisive stages.


During this process, bad fruit is detected and removed from purchased batches, through colour-sorting or UV sorting machines.
This way high quality of the end product is ensured.


The process during which green coffee is roasted. Roasting brings out the natural and organoleptic qualities of the coffee seeds along with its special properties that stimulate our senses.

Air cooling.

After roasting, the coffee is cooled either by air or water.
Illycaffé s.p.a. uses the cool air method because it is the only one that can ensure protection from humidity.


The roasted coffee has two enemies:
Oxygen and humidity.
Packaging must provide total protection from these two elements.
Illycaffé s.p.a. only uses tinplate containers to ensure absolute air tightness. A sealed illy container can be stored for up to 3 years and maintain its prime quality.


Since 1933, the illy family has been at the service of quality and enjoyment of coffee. A family with long-standing experience and commitment in the espresso coffee industry from Trieste, Italy. Francesco Illy was the father of the family and founder of the company.

A family which has for a long time 'monopolised' coffee enjoyment and spread its values, which have remained unchanged in the course of time.

Illycaffé is an innovator, able to offer the best products, aiming to make the company a landmark in the culture and superior quality of espresso.

  • Continuous quest for enjoyment of coffee.
  • Passion and love for authentic espresso.
  • Advance and innovation in an environment of tireless work.

Illycaffé VALUES

Illycaffé's primary value is the quest for perfection that is, the passion for superior coffee, for the love of beauty and quality and for ethics, all of which make a comprehensive system of timeless values, a system based on transparency and people's development.
The company aspires to improve the quality of life of all the people trusting illy quality.
Passion is the driving force behind all the company's activities. Illycaffé is the place where coffee, culture and art become one.   

Illycaffé MISSION

The mission of illycaffé is to satisfy all those seeking quality in their life.
Based on illycaffé people's enthusiasm, team spirit and values, the company is able to offer prime quality espresso, which is the outcome of advanced technology on one part and emotional and intellectual involvement on the other, always focusing on the quest for beauty.

A PRIZE FROM illycaffé!

Illycaffé s.p.a. has instituted an annual pecuniary prize that is awarded to the best Brazilian coffee producer, intending to stimulate their effort to produce top quality raw material, which is essential for constantly ensuring high quality illy coffee!


Spreading and propagating espresso in the global market resulted in the establishment of the 'University of Coffee' in Naples by Dr. Ernesto Illy and Dr. Raffaele Cercola, where eminent university professors and academics teach the espresso philosophy and train students in the making of excellent espresso and presentation of related drinks.

By completing a course of studies at the University of Coffee, graduates will have acquired knowledge in this field and gained a degree that certifies their qualifications.

For those of you interested in learning more about the University of Coffee, you can visit the related site at



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